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Thanx everyone for coming to my page!

About Me: My name is Karin Rojas.  I ADoRe the unlimited creativity of interior décor in the phases of auto, marine, and aircraft.  I get fascinated playing with bright pop colors & designs that give my interiors the "contrasting effect," which locally is hard to find.  IF YOU GIVE ME THE CANVAS, I CAN MAKE MY 'MAGIC" WORK!!!

My Experience:  Since 2010, I have worked in three stages of the design industry: web design, women's fashion, and interior décor, but my passion is sewing, isn't that awkward?!
The ZF Brand: Zulema Fashions® is registered and trademarked since 2010.  It is currently my clothing label and will continue to be used on my upcoming design projects; therefore, it should not be duplicated in  any way,

Who is Zulema?

My mommy
RIP 9/9/1989