Superhero Valance Diy

Since my son is a superhero fan, he asked that the valance I make for his bedroom have a superhero/comic print, and believe me, I searched for this "specific" print at every single fabric store , but I could not find anything that would complement his room decor.,,,(yes! I will be posting pics of his finished room.)  So, I decided to draw these characters that you see above and created a one of a kind design.

 I found three images online, grabbed a couple of sharpies, bought 1 1/2 yard of white denim and started my project.

One drawing per day was my goal, and with patience, I was successful. 

Here, at the picture above, you can see the spacing between these drawings.  If you are also doing this project please mimic this spacing.  Sharpies are messy, and if you are going to color with it, you need to rest you hand on a clean area as opposed to the area where there is coloring because your hand will easily transfer the ink elsewhere.
The next step is to cut your drawing at a 90 degree angle, square or rectangle, to later sew them together and make them one single layer, as shown below.

The last step is to add a piece of fabric behind your design for the rod, and you are done.  


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