Transitioning into my New Home

 Hello There!  As many of you all know, I am redecorating my small apartment while I look for a new home for my family, and lately that's "all" that I have been doing...and of course I do it the Zulema's way: I have to custom make everything.  I go to Haynes just about once a week to get new ideas.  This time I want color!  Especially turquoise!   which is my fav one of all.  I have so many interior decor projects to keep me busy and I would love to share my ideas with you.

First, I will start with my living room.  I am thinking of reupholstering my sofas a grey/silver color while the pillows will be covered in turquoise material in damask style.  My inspiration is below. The rug will be made out of silver material and will be custom made as well. I am thinking of finding a base for a coffee table and placing a glass on top (there you go) that's my custom made coffee table. 

While I have finally finished repainting my dining room table and chairs.  Now I have to start picking out the fabric to reupholster the chairs.  I am thinking white with grey motifs.  I will definitely  need to purchase a turquoise chandelier or  a turquoise centerpiece, because this time I really want color.

Finally, for my bedroom, I have decided to make it simple!  I already have the metal bed frame (which is why I chose the pic below.)  I will make it *pop with a basic white comforter set and pink walls.  Along with this basic color theme I have chosen black furniture which I picked out from the second hand store and I simply have to spray paint it black and add satin polyurethane for the shine.    

I really love the work involved in decorating and I hope that my new home fits the needs and style of my family. We would love a bigger place for our family love.  Also, you will see more of Zulema Fashions! =-) Please take your time to enjoy the picture below (the best picture of all!!! lol)  These are my lil angels.  xoxo