Dream Home with Kris Jenner

If you are a fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians, then you must already know what a fab home Kris Jenner has created throughout her home, of course with the help of designer Jeff Andrews!  The pic above is Kris' office.  Here is what Jeff Andrews had to say in a short interview about Kris Jenner fav spaces.

What is the great color on the cabinets and built-in shelving unit?
Jeff Andrews: It's Benjamin Moore — Gray Shower 2125-30, semigloss lacquer.

How did you customize the built-in? We lacquered them and installed an antique mirror in the back of the shelves for some sparkle. We then added amazing new hardware and styled it with a mix of high-end accessories and Kris's own personal memorabilia and photographs.

Which fabric did you use to upholster the chairs in front of the desk?We covered them with custom embroidered fabric by Jennifer Robbins Textiles.

What is the desk made from?
It's a Lucite base with a custom smoked glass top.

What are your favorite pieces in the office?
Each piece has its own merit and can stand on its own. I like how all the pieces work together: the simplicity of the desk, the sexy shape of the desk chair, the sculptural form of the side chairs.

Do you have tips for chic ways to integrate family photos and memorabilia into an office space?
Use them sparingly, and with a mixture of other stylish and interesting objects.

Were there any design elements Kris Jenner insisted on?
Kris insisted that every piece be important and chic enough to stand on its own. Pretty good direction!

How does Kris use the office?
Kris uses the office all day, every day, to run her worldwide media empire!

What are your go-to flowers for decorating?
I love pink peonies and so does Kris (although I wouldn’t necessarily use them in my own home). My go-to flowers are white Casablancas and calla lilies, as well as anything abstract, sculptural, funky, and seasonal. Renee Fontana does all my flowers. She's a genius!

Do you have any advice for mixing strong geometric patterns in a space?
Balance is the key.

What is one must-have furniture piece and one must-have accessory every office should have?
A comfortable yet stylish desk chair and a great clock.

What was Kris's reaction when you unveiled the office?

Here are more of these fab decor throughout the house of Kris Jenner