What I did with $1,000: A DREAM COME TRUE!!!

 With a $1,000 I was able to do a lot more than I expected.  I made my dream true.!!!  I finally created a virtual boutique which I call "ZULEMA FASHIONS Luxury Boutique by Karin Rojas."
It took so much time, effort, and sleepless nights.
To tell you the truth, this was a very easy process, and I enjoyed doing it. 
 I guess I got caught up in the Love for Fashion! lol...

 The first thing I wanted to do, was create my tags.  

Then, I scheduled a photo shoot with a talented photographer: Jumping JPeg 

Later, I got my business cards and office equipment :-)

Afterwards, I made my purchases from the best wholesalers overseas. 

Lastly, I sewed my ZULEMA FASHIONS labels on the apparel and bags as soon as they arrived. 

At the end, I carefully packaged them and put my print on them!