Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lucky Magazine: PLAYFUL CHEETAH and a Great Spring Vibe!

My Second Article for Lucky Magazine

Welcome to Spring my lovely readers!  I hope you are all excited as well as I am to redo your closets!  Shopping, ShOpPiNg, SHOPPING!!! is what every girl should do at the beginning of each season! Fashion is just too much fun! lol

Last week I was invited by one of my styling clients to a fashion show held at a local mall.  She is a beautiful African American model and was excited for this show.  Of course I wanted to show my support and appreciation, so I had to look presentable, considering that I am her stylist and wanted to show my skills at the same time.

For this event, I wore a sleeveless black cheetah print dress.  Its high neckline and short length made me feel feminine and its comfortable polyester/spandex material gave my look a boutique feel.

Since, I have been craving a cheetah print dress for a long time, I began my search asap.  I found this one at Macy's for $59.99.  Because I wanted to pay much less, I decided to look elsewhere, but I had NO luck :-/ I was dissatisfied by either the quality, the cut, or the colors that these dresses were offered in.  
When I went back to Macy's, about a week later, I was excited to see that this dress was placed in the $9.99 sales rack! I was very excited because I could finally get what I wanted and paid a lot less than what I had put in my budget for spring outfits.  Yeah! I have a budget for fashion!!!lol

In order to create contrast with the silver and black of the dress, I wore my gold necklace that brings the focal point to the top area of my outfit, and to finish it off I wore my light blue classic stilettos.  You all know I like cool colors!!!   

After this shopping experience, I consider myself to be a"LuCKY shoPPER"thanks to Macy's great deals and my passion for fashion.  

It feels awesome to get a positive shopping vibe at the begging of the season! ...
...more to come! ~Karin Rojas


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