Thursday, April 25, 2013

Article #003 for Lucky Magazine: April Edition

What I Wore to the Great Bridge Womans Club Spring Fashion Show

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!! Hope you are all enjoying this change of weather and are filling up your closets with the new trends now in style.  I know I am, since I check trends daily online, lol...yeah!  I gotta keep up with fashion!
Now, that we are in the month of April, several stores/boutiques are promoting end of season sales, and at the same time others are promoting fashion shows where they invite bloggers like me to attend.  Due to "THESE" types of publications , I got a free ticket to the Great Bridge Woman's Club Spring Fashion Show in Chesapeake, VA. (Thanx for your support!)
For this fabulous event, I wanted to be bright, formal, and sexy at the same time...but remember that when I say sexy, I mean, sexy in style. If you have been reading my articles, you know that I make a huge production when it comes to apparel, lol, so you all can already imagine my face when I first received the invitation.  I immediately started to visualize my outfit combinations, researched them, bought them, returned them, and even drew them.  Yes, I'm just like a little child wanting candy with sugar on top.
Since, I was there to network and give the word out about Zulema Fashions, I had to look like a fashion professional.  So, in order to prevent making this article tooo long, I will get straight to the point.  I wore a turquoise semi-peplum dress with a golden belt to give it that pop in the middle.  The belt is actually the focal point of the outfit.  Look at the picture below, your eyes naturally focus on the belt.   illlussionssszzz...

This beautiful dress came from the Daisy Collection.  It was beautifully styled with a sweetheart neckline and a pleated front for comfort.  The length was just above the knee, which was perfect! since I was going for that fashion professional look.

These three inch heels came from Gen E. Ration, which I got 3 years ago.  This was actually my first time wearing them.  I'm so glad I didn't give them away like I do with my out of date outfits.  :-P

Wearing this outfit, gave me a lot of confidence, especially when I began to get complimented.  Some ladies complemented the color of the dress, and some complimented the heels.  Overall, this outfit made it to be put on the stylish list.  I guess that representing my business is the real push I have in order to look fab at all times, *cause you never know who you are going to meet.  As a fashion rep. I have a reputation to look fab while networking,,,and I take every opportunity.  I take each opportunity to go shopping, and ask my boyfriend to pay.  hehehe ANYWAYS!!! I take every opportunity to be in style...

Thanx for reading!

Quote of the Month:
"A girl should be two things... classy and fabulous." ~Coco Chanel
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