Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The jacket- Inside Chanel

(This article is a reproduction of the video shown above.)  
The Chanel jacket is a man's jacket which has become typically feminine and has definitely come to symbolize a certain feminine elegance that is timeless, and so for all times.  During the 1950's the necklines showed the struggles to break with successes. In 1954, Gabrielle Chanel, at the age of 71,  opens a store of couture. She adopts elegance, movement, minimalism, and straight cuts; the functional logic is unstoppable.  

She said that the hardest thing in her work was "enabling women to move with ease, not to feel like they are in a costume.  Not changing attitude or manner depending on their dress.  Its very difficult, and the human body is always moving."  Later, in Switzerland, Chanel brought the basis of her jacket, which is inspired by menswear is straight and fluid, and without interfacing. It truly provides absolute freedom of movement.  This jacket was made with pockets, braids and matching tones, all contrasting, and buttons with the symbol of the house. This was a revolution, which was an incontrovertible success. The international press, hungry for modernity and change, acclaimed the allure style of Chanel.  She made the front page of magazines worldwide. The clients followed; the most beautiful women were soon seen wearing the Chanel jacket. The Chanel jacket became the fashion essential. When Lagerfeld took over, in 1983, he played with the coats of the house. Through the seasons the jacket was seen plaid with a matching skirt, mismatched with jeans, embroidered, in color, pastel, bright, or black and white. The jacket lands itself in all metamorphics. It adapts to all dare and creations. Today, almost 60 years after its creation by Gabrielle Chanel, the jacket has become the corner stone of contemporary fashion.  There are things in fashion that never go out of style: jeans, a white shirt, and a Chanel jacket....concludes Karl Lagerfeld.


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