My Second Posting to the NY Times: Street Style

 "The Uniform Project"

The NY Times is very specific when they talk about the look of the week.  This time, they requested a tailored uniform cut or camo print outfit.  I really hope that I make it to be one of the best in street style again; it was very exciting when I saw my picture on their website @_@

For this look, I simply got my hands on this beautiful buttoned up black dress I got a few years ago from the Spence Collection. I was really surprised that it still fit me.  To go along with this military look, I also wore my star fishnets by Steve Madden.  I just wanted to resemble the military ranking of the uniform. 
To spice it up a little, I wore my brown/black stilettos from Guess.  I chose these stilettos because of the gold accents that will make this look stand out from just a plain tailored cut outfit.  My clutch really matched the leather in the heels.  This clutch came from my "thrifty finds closet."

For this project, I tried my best to choose items that will be cohesive enough to resemble the "military look." The main focal points of this outfit were: the uniform cut, brown leathers, and the stars from the uniform ranking. 
That's my uniform project of the month!  Thank you for reading!
Quote for today: It's all about being FaShIoNaBLE!

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