My First Article for Lucky Magazine

Happy Monday everyone!  I am so excited to write my first post for Lucky Magazine.  It is such an honor to be exposed to the virtual world and write about my favorite subject: "Fashion."
I know we all love to play dress up, especially when we attend public events such as fashion shows, showcases, seminars, etc.  Well, I attend every single public event in my area; its just a way to meet new people ;-). Anyways! Yesterday, I attended the Modern Bridal Fashion Show in Hampton Roads, so I decided to go online and do my FaShIoN ReSeArCh on celebrity trends.  I noticed that the trendy celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and lovely Rihanna are wearing lots of peplum styled tops and dresses.  So, in order to give this trend a little twist, I included my favorite orange neon to my idea.

I know I have an expensive fashion taste, but I never go all out on my outfits.  Like everyone else, I like to save $Money$. Soooo... Pay attention because I'm going to to teach you a little trick!
In order to put this outfit together, I had to go to Nordrstrom, Bebe, and White House Black Market, just so that I can observe their featured peplum tops and get inspired on the colors.  I found a beautiful oriental inspired top at White House Black Market, the color orange neon all over the Bebe store, and lots of black with neon at Nordstrom.  This is when the light bulb came on! black peplum and neon, but of course I am not going to pay more than $100 for I decided to take a little break, and after an exquisite lunch with the family, I decided to go to Charlotte Russe to look for something similar than what I had found on my "lil research adventure." I found my oriental looking sweetheart peplum top, which surprisingly was quite similar from the one I had seen at White House Black Market; this one just didn't come with a belt and it was $80 less, lol...I only paid $9.99 for this beautiful top.

The pants were an easy find; basically, every single clothing store carries it these days.  I am Lucky in this part, because I do work for a clothing store myself, and I am given a very good discount on the entire store, talking about HOOK UPS!!! Well, I only paid $15.99 for these orange skinny jeans that I had also seen at Nordstrom for a lot more than that! When we talk about the footwear, I already had these beautiful black stilettos waiting in my closet for this fabulous outfit.  They are my favorite, simply because they keep their shine, and they are so, soo, SOOO comfortable.   

ACCESSORIES:  These are my thrifty finds!!! (Talking about being Lucky) 
If you also have Celebrity Taste, you could do your research online to look for the latest outfits worn by your favorite celebrities.  After you have done your "investigation" you can browse through the expensive stores in your area to smell the air of luxury.  When you are done, you should have the image of your outfit already figured out. So, take a break to go back to reality, and later go to the stores that use the "speed market strategy" of your choice.  This is a retail strategy that allows stores to offer their items at a low price while continuing to offer great styles. Believe me! Browsing through these stores works like a charm! 

I hope you all enjoy my first post for Lucky Magazine, and learned a few tricks to put the Celebrity Taste on the go!

Lovely Quote:
"Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway"~Coco Chanel

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