Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2013 Menswear Urban Styles

The Mark Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2013 Menswear looks are modeled by Benjamin Jarvis and Cole Mohr.  Thanks to their natural  high-end style Marc jacob’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is enriched with extra rebelling punk taste.  
For this collection, Marc Jacobs introduces a mix between functional menswear and fashionable menswear. For example, in suiting, consumers could purchase very fitted traditional coloured business suits. However, consumers will be able to get more fashionable choices, such as the special prints, the diverse changes in fabrics, the coloured highlights on the seams.
In addition, Marc introduces a simple dressing theory that allowing guys being fashionable, at the same time, being legitimate. The base is very important, the formal wear inspired trousers and the thick base leather shoes, they provide a crucial foundation in transforming the very serious formal look into more approachable looks. Adding a colour contrasted short-length sporty jacket, or softened bright coloured knitwear, the style is changed into with extra edge.

Also, the collar details in this season is very recognisable on the outerwear jackets. Not only the wearers could benefit from the trendy colour changes, but also the fabric contrast will create a brand-new experience in wearing Marc Jacobs in Autumn/Winter 2013.

Models: Benjamin Jarvis and Cole Mohr.
Article: Samuel Jing
Pictures: Samuel Jing


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