Historic Fashion: Chrysler Museum Trip

Today Zulema's made a short trip to the Chrysler Museum located in Norfolk, VA. Our objective was to research historic dress from contemporary times to the ancient world.  This information was obtained by looking at paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art such as home fashion items. Remember that fashion is not necessarily just clothing and shoes!?!?!  It is very important that we understand that fashion is an art form that may be displayed in numerous ways.

1920's, 30's and 40's fashion as viewed in paintings:

Kees van Dongen. Mile Monna Lils 1929.  This was "The Flapper" decade where women embraced vice, youth, and frivolity, in other words, they were casually sexual.  They wore short skirts, bobbed their hair and listened to Jazz.  This painting shows exactly how liberal women were during this time period. 

Walt Kuhn.  American Beauty 1934.  It is said that women's fashion during this century was conservative and optimistic; however, women's dress was influenced by  Hollywood, where ladies fashion became to be more flexible as more muted colors were popular as were deep colors.  Here, in this painting we can see that  a mixture of conservative and Hollywood fashion was a trend.   

Franz Kline.  Hot Jazz. 1940.  This decade is remembered for "The New Look" in 1947. Women's dresses were knee length and usually featured with broad shoulders, except for women in the entertainment business as shown in this painting.

These three  paintings stood out from all 89 paintings considered.  All these three were extremely related to womens fashion,   It is iteresting when we look at fashion in other ways.  In this case, the historic stndard may depict todays' world of what we call FaShIoN.

 Here are my little ones who came to my research trip.