I am a Plus Size Model

Before i star blogging about the subject of Plus Size beauty, i would like to tell you that this subject is very dear to me.  It is a personal matter that i speak for all of my plus size beauties out there, especially for Zulemas fans, as this topic was requested by you.  I understand that most of us females are concerned about our body type, whether we are ectomorphic (linear and slender), endomorphic (rounded with prominent abdomen), or mesomorphic (large boned and muscular) we want to look attractive.  Surprise!!! It is a mental matter if you do not feel your beautiful inner conception.  This mental misunderstanding may depend on cultural acceptance which in many cases may or may not accept women's beauty in a form that we would like them to.

Recently i came across an interesting article published by Elisa J. Sobo.  "The Sweetness of Fat, Health, Procreation, and Sociability in Rural Jamaica." 2008.  This article was very specific as to what is considered to be beautiful in their precious territory.  "Jamaicans value large size, and they build the body by eating."  They choose their comestibles very carefully, as their intention is to build the body by making it nutritious as well as achieve a fuller figure.  Culturally, a big size person is assumed to ensure reproductive success, cough! cough! life long relationship alert!!!  "Such is the case in many of the West African societies would seclude their adolescent females in special fattening rooms."  Their ultimate goal is to provoke heavier eating in order to make their bodies gain weight to become more attractive. 

Along with being viewed as a reproductive ready female, fat is also seen as a healthy persona.  This assumption can be compared to how we see a juicy mango, as opposed to a dried one.  One would prefer the juicy fruit because it is seen as healthier and sweeter.  Because it looks healthier, then it is better.  Having this said, when a woman has a fuller figure, she is also assumed to have healthier babies, which is acceptable and applause by most cultures.  Being attractive, and reproductive, are not the only benefits of a fuller figure; it also means wealth. It makes sense just because one needs money to purchase more food, and also afford the fattening rooms as mentioned earlier.

This fact of having a fuller figure completely opposes the view of the female body in the United States.  As you may have noticed, the American medium uses public figures that are usually thin.  Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, and Angelina Jolie who publicize to completely different markets are what the public wants to resemble, which is normal to do when one become a celebrity fan.  This "follow your celebrity look" idea pushes women to prefer the thinner image and become the dry mango from our earlier example.  However, it is only culture that may consider a slim body comparable to a dry mango. 

Understand that beauty is dominated by culture, or in other words, it is dominated by public acceptance.  Does it matter what the public accepts??? Are you part of the public and you have the last saying?  Remember that you are living in my world! You are ROYALTY.  You are the QUEEN who decides what is culturally acceptable.  This is OUR world! Be yourself and love your figure!!!

Tocarra Graces. Plus Size ModelThis is our Era!!! Dont miss out on it ~Zulemas