Body Shapes: Dress Accordingly.

We all have the perfect body, but it is fun to create illusions that make our bodies seem more proportionate by giving it a more sophisticated look.  Presence is everything.  Here you will be given tips on how to dress according to your body shape. 

There are five major body shapes: pear, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle, and rectangle bods.
1. Pear bodies are described to have a smaller upper body than the lower.
2. Apple bodies are the ones that have a bigger upper than lower, but with meat around their waist.
3. Hourglass body shape are the upper and lower are the same proportion, and they have a small waist.
4. Inverted triangle is when the upper body is wider than the lower.
5. Rectangle bods are the ones who have a upper and lower bodies proportionate, but with little waist definition. 

What is your body shape?

1. Pear body:  If you are a pear shaped body, you should wear apparel that drows the attention to your upper body.  Especially the neck area.  You can always wear wide necklaces that have a glance of vintage for elegancy of course.  Other items to wear can be blouses with embellishments on them.  What you want to do is that the eyes are focused on your upper area as opposed to the lower.  Always wear fab shoes of course. 

2. Apple body shape: Since your upper body is more noticeable than your lower body, lets draw the attention away from the upper bod.  Wear empire waist tops and dresses.  This will give your lower body more volume.  You can also wear v neck tops that help the illusion of sliming down your torso.  Make sure you own a couple of long necklaces and always, always, fab shoes!!!    

3. Hourglass bodies: You want to emphasize your beautiful waist, preferably with a belt.  You can emphasize the rest of your shape with pencil skirts or any business suitable clothing.  I suggest that you also wear pants that drape down such as harem pants. 

4. Inverted triangle: Since your body is wider on top, make sure you make the illusion that it is not.  You can creat this by wearing sleeveless shirts, and wearing v necks.  You may also wear pants or skirts that have embellishments.  This will draw the attention to your lower area and make it proportionate. 

5: Rectangular body: The only thing you need to do is create your curves in the upper and/or lower area.  Wonder bra!!! is the answer.  You may also wear bottoms that have decorations on the side seams.  This way, the attention will go to your hips by making them the focal point of your outfit. 

UNIVERSAL ADVISE:  Rock those heels!!! Shoes are fabulous!!!