Accessories ~Vintage Style

Today's weather was over 100 degrees and it was a little difficult to concentrate on a fashion topic for Zulemas.  What should i post?  I went to my car and rolled down the windows while i grabbed my vintage necklace, which was given to me almost ten years ago.  I tend to unconciously grab my necklaces when im in deep concentration.  Then, i realized that in my hand I was grabbing a valuable item that could be an interesting topic for our blog. Accessories! but of course Vintage Style! Thanks to my old Vogue magazine i was able to get this inspiration.

 For the ones who do not what vintage is, it is fashion between 100 and 20 years old.  In other words, between 1910 and late 1980's,,,and retro is just a copy of vintage.  Have you ever heard the saying "Fashion always comes back."  That! is retro.  That is why i decided to fill my entire wardrobe with vintage inspired clothing, well, ok! Retro clothing.  
Now, going back to accessories for summer.  When i think of vintage accessories, i think of gold and pearls and when i think of summer i think of pastels and neon colors. Here are some pictures of my fav pics:  
Notice the color story in the image above: pearl, black, and red.  Pale colors give that 1920's old fashioned look.  Here, on the right, vintage cannot be noticed by the colors, but by the sharp silhouettes. Vintage from 1950's. Wedge heels, scarves, three quarter length gloves, pearl necklaces are all original
Golden clutch bag, perfect for the little black dress. Retro! This is modern fashion that Audrey Hepburn use to wear. I have a deep love for vintage and when i sew my garments, i always go back to my vintage style to get inspired. I know by heart that everything will be considered to be retro because i am copying vintage, but i am in denial. I AM VINTAGE!!! lol. Ok, i wont keep you here any longer. I hope that you wear an old fashioned outfit tomorrow. Retro or Vintage???Which would you prefer???