DIY Zebra Area Rug

 Since I am redecorating my home, I find myself late at night browsing online for decoration pieces.  Last night I found a zebra rug that would be perfect for my office so I was looking into making my purchase. To my surprise my cost was $715.  ugh!  DYI Karin!!!

The next day I made my trip to WalMart to purchase 1 1/4yrd of muslin fabric =$4 and small can of Krylon Black Acrylic Enamel Paint = $4

 First I started by printing out the picture I found online and made a grid to it.  The same grid I drew to the edges of my fabric.

First I started by drawing the silhouette of my rug.  You can see that I made several mistakes, but don't worry, use the eraser.  FYI: I folded the printed out image half to avoid any confusion with my drawing
Then I drew the zebra lines and cut out my silhouette.

This is the the fun began.  I filled in the black areas with a thick and thin paintbrush, depending on the thickness of the stripes.

The painted areas will shrink after they dry, so make sure you iron the back of your project.
There you go! Your DIY Zebra Area Rug